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core values

  1. Excellence in all aspects of work.

  2. Service to customer above all else.

  3. Personal & Professional growth.

  4. Resilience.

  5. Trust.


Deliver exceptional eye-care; from children to adults in South West Victoria.


Caring and attentive staff deliver exceptional customer service.

Quality goods make our patients look and feel well cared for.

Provide modern eye-care by training all staff.

Why choose us?

We are part of the Provision community of 450 practices, the largest network of independent optometrists in Australia. We share the same values of clinical excellence, continuity of care, personalised service and quality products. Every optometrist is proudly independent to ensure your care always comes first. And our practices are locally Australian owned by the optometrists who operate them.

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eye tests and glasses

We make time to fully assess and discuss your vision needs for your lifestyle. We are prepared to manage complicated vision issues and have experience with patients that require special attention or longer appointment times. Vision reports can generally be provided at no cost.

Our glasses are made from high quality materials and very reliable suppliers to give you peace of mind that your glasses will perform well for years.

Glasses for children are safe and easy to adapt to and are often not permanent.

Behavioural optometry and vision training

Behavioural Optometrists have a special interest in patients with reading & learning difficulties, traumatic brain injury, and binocular vision dysfunction.

Problems can occur with school work if your child’s eyes get fatigued, making it harder to concentrate.  Vision training or glasses may be needed to support and improve children’s vision in classrooms and for homework.

To help your child perform better at school, consider getting our optometrists to assess them- start by booking an eye test.

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contact lenses and orthokeratology

Want to be free of contact lenses and glasses during the day by reshaping the cornea overnight?  Have an assessment with our optomtetrists to see if you are suitable for Ortho-K.

Disposable contact lenses are also a convenient way to be spectacle-free for sports, going out, or even everyday use.

your guarantee

FRAMES 2 Years warranty

LENSES 2 Year coating warranty

PRESCRIPTION 3 Months warranty

SERVICING Free for the life of the glasses