Optometry Australia recommends regular eye tests to detect problems before they become too hard to manage. Children can have their first eye test at age 3 or earlier if there appears to be a problem. Regular tests every 2 or 3 years throughout your life is the safest way to keep seeing your best. Over 50% of your brain is used for processing visual information - it is the most dominant and important of our senses. It makes sense to look after it.

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Early treatment of eye problems can save sight and prevent blindness.

We send reminder SMS or letters when you are due for your next eye test - but you dont have to wait - Book in Now if you believe you have a problem. Initial Consultation Cost. $85 (Concession $75), Next day electronic medicare rebate is $28-$56 depending on various factors.

Eye problems dont always have symptoms.

If you can see clearly, there still may be something wrong with your eyes.


Special eye Tests:

CASA Civil aviation safety authority

Vic Roads

Laser surgery assessment

Dry eye assessment

Colour vision

Low vision


Corneal Topography $50

OCT Retinal Scan and photos $65

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We test eyes at several locations:

Hamilton Mon - Fri.

Casterton Tues - Fri.

Balmoral every 3 months.

Coleraine every 3 months.

Harrow every 6 months.

Windamara (Hamilton) monthly.